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Board of Governors Policies

A – Academic Affairs

Policy No. Policy Name
A-1 Reduced Tuition for West Virginia Residents 65 and Over
A-2 Awarding of Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Waivers
A-3 Credit for Service in the Public Schools
A-4 Program Approval 
A-6 Open Admissions
A-7 Fresh Start
A-8 Transfer
A-10 General Education Curriculum

D – Development

Policy No. Policy Name
D-1 Institutional Fundraising and Gift Acceptance
D-2 Naming of Facilities

F – Finance

Policy No. Policy Name
F-1 Waiver of Tuition and Fees for Third-Party Sponsored Courses
F-2 Travel
F-3 Credit Card Solicitation
F-4 Use of Institutional Facilities
F-5 Disposition of Surplus Property
F-6 Purchasing
F-7 Assessment, Collection and Refund of Student Tuition and Fees
F-8 Computer and Computer-Related Equipment Donation Program

G – General Administration

Policy No. Policy Name
G-1 Alcoholic Beverages on the Campuses
G-2 Organizational Structure & Rules of Order for Meetings of the Board
G-3 Smoking
G-5 Rulemaking by the Board
G-6 General Conflict of Interest
G-7 Whistleblower
G-8 Business Record Retention
G-9 Environmental Health & Safety

H – Human Resources

Policy No. Policy Name
H-2 Mountwest Dependent Scholarships
H-3 Classified Employee Salary Policy
H-4 Sexual Harassment
H-6 Staff Development
H-7 Part-Time Classified Positions
H-8 Employee Catastrophic Leave
H-9 Work Schedules and Employment Innovations
H-10 Four-Part Progressive Counseling
H-11 Telecommuting
H-13 Employee Solicitations and Outside Businesses
H-14 Employee Infractions
H-15 Performance Assessment, Classified and Nonclassified Employees
H-16 Classified Recruiting
H-17 Background Checks
H-18 Full Time Faculty Qualifications, Appointments and Instructional Load
H-19 Adjunct Faculty Qualifications, Appointments and Instructional Load
H-20 Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility
H-21 Faculty Evaluation, Promotion, Tenure, Sabbatical -Part of Faculty Personnel Policy
H-26 Reductions in Force and Layoffs

I – Information Technology

Policy No.  Policy Name
I-1 Information Technology Acceptable Use
I-2 Information Security
I-3 Email

S – Student Affairs

Policy No. Policy Name
S-1 Appropriate Use of ID Numbers
S-2 Student Code of Conduct
S-3 Student Academic Rights
S-4 President’s Emergency Authority
S-5 Directory Information

About the Board

Members of the Mountwest Board of Governors are citizens, appointed by the governor, who oversee operations and establish policies for the college.

Contact Information

Mesha Shamblin
Vice President
(304) 710-3401

IBOG 30-day comment period

The following policies and operating rules have been approved for a 30-day comment period. Comments should be emailed to Mesha Shamblin, Vice President at:

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