West Virginia Invests

West Virginia Invests is a “last-dollar-in” financial aid program designed to cover the cost of basic tuition and fees for certificate or associate degree programs in specific high-demand fields.

To apply for West Virginia Invests CLICK HERE.

•Were a legal resident of West Virginia for at least 1 year immediately before applying;
•Are a high school graduate , or have high school equivalency diploma
•Have not already earned a college degree (associate level or higher);

•Must complete 2 hours of community service during the term the grant is received
•Have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);
•Live in West Virginia for at least two years after graduation.
• Register for at least 6 credit hours;
•Pay for and pass a drug screening.

Who can apply for WV invests?
Current MCTC Students
High School Seniors

Only certain programs at Mountwest qualify for the WV Invests grant. For a full list of qualifying programs click here.

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