Mountwest Foundation

Mountwest Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization working to impact the lives of Mountwest students.

Our Initiatives

Student Impact Fund – provides unrestricted funding for initiatives that support student success, scholarships, and emergency funding

Scholarships – provides students with the necessary financial resources to attend Mountwest

Student Emergency Funding – helps eliminate barriers to education in our region for students attending Mountwest

Student Testimonials

I am about to embark on my final semester here at Mountwest in the coming autumn, and I am aiming to graduate in December. Afterwards, I plan on transferring to a larger university in order to work toward my goal of being a translator for those in need of my assistance. I have always felt that this was a path meant for me—to be someone who can truly make a difference in my community. This scholarship is going to help me achieve this dream of mine, and I cannot thank you enough!

Mackenzie Stevens

The support I received from the Mountwest Foundation changed my life! Mountwest Foundation made sure i had scholarship funding to continue my education. Now, I recruit students for Mountwest Community & Technical College, to give back what I was given when I was student.

Katlan Maynard

School is anything but cheap, especially for us Appalachian students, so having scholarship opportunities is helping alleviate the financial burden that has kept many Appalachian students from pursuing higher education…Thank you for helping Appalachian students succeed.

Josh Jett

Student Ambassador

This scholarship award will continue to financially support my educational goals as I continue pursuing my degree in Business Administration. You see, my college journey began over twenty years ago and was cut short due to the fact I did not have the financial or emotional support to complete my college education then. Your generous gift will alleviate my stress regarding the financial burdens and allow me to continue focusing on my studies.

So, I hope you truly understand how eternally grateful I am for your gift.

Jessica Martin

I am truly grateful for this scholarship. This scholarship allows me to work less and focus on my studies so I can hopefully maintain my 4.0 GPA. I hope to one day be able to help students achieve their goals, such as you have helped me.

Hailee Stiltner

Mountwest Foundation Board of Directors

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