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Transfer to Marshall

Transfer Agreement 2020-2021

Mountwest Community & Technical College students have a variety of options that allow them to transfer college credits to universities, including transfer degrees, articulation agreements and the statewide core course transfer agreement.

It is our goal at Mountwest to make quality transfer education cost effective, while providing a learning atmosphere that emphasizes student success, utilizing small class sizes guided by highly trained and dedicated faculty.

This list of prohibitions is not a full listing of unacceptable behavior in a college community.  Other unacceptable behavior may also result in disciplinary action.  Academic dishonesty (such as cheating and plagiarism) or classroom behavior considered detrimental to the teaching-learning process will be addressed by the college’s academic offices.  A full statement on student academic dishonesty can be found in the Academic Definitions & Procedures section of the catalog.

Transfer Guidelines

The State of West Virginia understands how important it is that students can take their credits with them from one regionally-accredited college to another. As a result, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the West Virginia Council & Community and Technical College Education have taken steps to ensure that students may transfer and apply toward the requirements for a degree the maximum number of credits earned at a regionally-accredited institution, with as few requirements to repeat courses or take additional courses as is consistent with sound academic policy.

Undergraduate level credits and grades earned at any public institution in West Virginia shall generally be transferrable to any other such institution. Generally, up to 72 undergraduate-level credit hours and grades completed at Mountwest should be transferable to any public university in West Virginia.

Transfer Degrees

Specific degrees allow students to complete their first two years of college work at Mountwest and then easily transfer on to a university. The Associate of Arts (AA) and the Associate of Science (AS) are our primary transfer degrees.

The Associate of Arts (AA): General Studies/Transfer Studies – Major Code CG10

The Associate of Science (AS): General/Transfer Studies – Major Code CG50

Core Coursework Transfer Agreement

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Council for Community and Technical College Education maintains a core coursework transfer agreement. The core coursework transfer agreement lists the general studies courses at each institution which have been approved for inclusion in the agreement and is updated annually.

The hours of core coursework that are acceptable as counting toward fulfillment of general studies requirements are as follows:

English Composition – 6 hours

Communication and Literature – 6 hours
Speech/oral communication – 3 hours
Literature – 3 hours

Fine Arts Appreciation – 3 hours
Art, music, drama, or theater appreciation

Mathematics – 3-5 hours
College math including general math, algebra, trigonometry or calculus

Natural Science – 8-10 hours
Lab science including biology, chemistry, geology, physics or physical science

Social Science – 9 hours
History, political science, psychology, sociology or economics with no more than six hours from any one area.

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