Accessibility Services

In order to be recognized as a student with a disability and receive the appropriate accommodations, you must be registered with the Accessibility Services Office. 

Accessibility Services Office coordinates accomodations for qualified students with disabilities as they pursue their educational goals at Mountwest. This office acts as liaison between students with disabilities and faculty.

Students must declare and provide appropriate documentation of their disability to this office in order to receive services. 

Documentation of disability/disabilities are required to come from a psychiatrist, psychologist, or certified mental health professional (if applicable) a professional in the field, be submitted using the professional’s letterhead, and must include their address, phone number, and license numbers. Documentation must be no more than five years old and must state the following information:

1. Date of the most recent visit to diagnosing professional;

2. A clear statement of the diagnosis and the date of the original diagnosis;

3. A summary of diagnostic tests, methods, and/or criteria used to make the diagnosis including evaluation results and standardized test scores if applicable; and

4. Recommendation for accommodations.

PLEASE NOTE: IEP’s from K-12/county school districts are not acceptable to request or declare accessibility/disability services.

Accommodations provided CANNOT fundamentally alter the nature of the course work.

Next Steps for Students

1. Bring the appropriate documentation to the Accessibility Services Office at Mountwest.

2. The student and the Accessibility Services Advisor will meet in order to discuss the accommodations for which the student is entitled.

3. The Accessibility Services Advisor will notify the student’s instructors in writing of the accommodations the student is entitled to receive. Students are encouraged to be independent and to be advocates for themselves in securing accommodations needed to maximize their learning experience. The office maintains an open-door policy, and students are encouraged to stop by at their convenience.

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