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Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 Tuition

Students are assessed prorated tuition and fees up the 12-hour cap regardless of location and type of course, including E-Courses. A $40.00 per credit hour course fee will be assessed for any course designated as 100% online.

Program Fees are assessed as a flat fee based on the number of hours registered. A student registered for 7 or more credit hours will be assessed 100% of the program fee. A student registered for 6 hours or less will be assessed 50% of the program fee.

WV ResidentsOn Campus Per HourProgram FeeOn Campus 12+ Hours+ Program Fee
Allied Health195.50150.002,496.00
Career & Technical (General)195.50100.002,446.00
Transportation Technology Online Program140.00200.00No Cap
Metro*On Campus Per HourProgram FeeOn Campus 12+ Hours + Program Fee
Allied Health333.00150.004,146.00
Career & Technical (General)333.00100.004,096.00
Transportation Technology Online Program140.00200.00No Cap
Non-ResidentOn Campus Per HourProgram FeeOn Campus 12 + Hours + Program Fee
Allied Health487.00150.005,994.00
Career & Technical (General)487.00100.005,994.00
Transportation Technology Online Program140.00200.00No Cap

*Metro area includes the following counties:
In Ohio: Gallia, Jackson, Lawrence, Meigs, Pike, and Scioto
In Kentucky: Carter, Elliott, Floyd, Greenup, and Johnson

The following Kentucky Reciprocity counties are assessed at WV Resident rates: Boyd, Martin, and Pike. Students living in these counties must coordinate with the Mountwest Financial Aid Office to guarantee their status for reciprocity rates.

Additional fees may apply for specific courses. Click here for special fees & program fees. Please contact the MCTC cashier’s office at 304-710-3480 for more details.


Payment of Fees

Tuition and fees are due and payable to the Mountwest Business Services Office cashiering area in accordance with the due dates shown on any student billing statement and/or electronic communication, along with any due dates posted in the Mountwest Student Services One-Stop area and website. If the student does not pay tuition and fees on or before the due date, the student may be charged a late fee, and the student will be withdrawn from all registered courses. If the student is able to re-enroll at Mountwest Community & Technical College, the student will pay a $50 student reinstatement fee. Notice of balance due and/or billing statements will be sent electronically to the student’s Mountwest email address. It is the students’ responsibility to know when tuition and fees are due and to make payment by that time.

Student deferred payment plans for tuition and fees will be offered during the academic year. All available financial aid for the term must be credited to the student’s account prior to determining the amount available for deferral. Students must come in person to the Mountwest Business Services Cashier’s Office to sign up for deferred payment plans prior to any official due date.

Students may pay tuition and fees in person or online at myMCTC. Payments of cash, check, and credit cards are accepted in person at the Mountwest Business Services Office cashiering area. A 2.25% convenience fee applies for payments made by credit card.

A student’s registration is not complete until all tuition and fees are paid. Registration may be canceled if the bank does not honor the student’s check or electronic check for payment of registration fees. A charge of $25 will be assessed for each check returned unpaid by the bank.

A student who has a financial obligation to Mountwest cannot engage in any registration activity until the obligation is satisfied. Unpaid student obligations will be assigned to a collection agency. The student will communicate and pay the collection agency directly.


Withdrawal/Reinstatement Policy
for Nonpayment of Enrollment Fees and other Financial Obligations

  • Upon notice from the Office of Business Services, the Registrar’s Office will initiate a complete withdrawal for a student not paying fees or other financial obligations. The withdrawal will be classified as “Administrative- Nonpayment of Enrollment,” or “Administrative Nonpayment of Financial Obligations.”  A fee of $50.00 may be charged to the student.
  •  If the student fulfills the financial obligation, the Office of Business Services will notify the Associate Dean/Registrar. The Associate Dean will have the discretion to approve requests for reinstatement.
  • A student who owes a financial obligation to Mountwest will not be permitted to enroll in subsequent semesters or terms until the obligation is paid, or as approved by Business Services contingent upon satisfactory progress towards satisfying the financial obligation.
  • If a student disputes an administrative withdrawal, he/she may file an appeal with the Associate Dean/Registrar.



Tuition and fees will be refunded according to the schedule below.

  • Official complete withdrawals from all courses on the student’s course schedule.
  • Students who are denied admission, declared academically ineligible to return, or are unable to return for medical reasons, may be refunded on a prorated basis.
  • Refunds of tuition and fees to students called to armed services will be processed in accordance with military orders.
  • When it becomes necessary to cancel a class by administrative and/or faculty action, a student is granted a full refund of the tuition and fee for the class canceled unless he or she registers in another course of like value in terms of semester hours. This action does not apply to disciplinary action or withdrawals due to nonpayment of financial obligations.
  • A student who is required to withdraw from the institution for disciplinary reasons is not entitled to refunds.


Refund Policy

Effective with the Spring 2014 semester, after the schedule adjustment period for a term closes, a student must totally withdraw from all registered courses in order to receive any refund of tuition and fees. The College will no longer refund tuition and fees for individual classes dropped after the schedule adjustment period ends.

*The schedule adjustment period is defined as the first week of classes in the Fall and Spring semesters, and typically the first day of classes for each summer session.

Refund Schedule

The following schedule for calculating refunds shall be adhered to for those students who withdraw from the institution via the official withdrawal process and are eligible to receive funds.  Monetary Refunds to Students will begin within 4 to 5 weeks after the semester starts.

Refund Schedules

FALL 2021 
100% RefundBEGINS3/10/2021100% RefundBEGINS8/16/2021100% RefundBEGINS3/10/2021
 ENDS8/18/2021 ENDS10/7/2021 ENDS10/13/2021
90% RefundBEGINS8/19/202190% RefundBEGINS3/10/202190% RefundBEGINS3/14/2021
 ENDS8/29/2021 ENDS8/18/2021 ENDS10/18/2021
70% RefundBEGINS8/30/202170% RefundBEGINS8/24/202170% RefundBEGINS10/19/2021
 ENDS9/20/2021 ENDS9/2/2021 ENDS10/29/2021
50% RefundBEGINS9/21/202150% RefundBEGINS9/3/202150% RefundBEGINS10/30/2021
 ENDS10/11/2021 ENDS9/9/2021 ENDS11/10/2021
NO REFUND AFTER 10/08/2020NO REFUND AFTER 09/14/2020NO REFUND AFTER 11/09/2020


100% RefundBEGINS10/20/2021100% RefundBEGINS10/20/2021100% RefundBEGINS10/20/2021
 ENDS1/13/2022 ENDS1/12/2022 ENDS3/9/2022
90% RefundBEGINS1/14/202290% RefundBEGINS1/13/202290% RefundBEGINS3/10/2022
 ENDS1/20/2022 ENDS1/17/2022 ENDS3/14/2022
70% RefundBEGINS1/21/202270% RefundBEGINS1/18/202270% RefundBEGINS3/15/2022
 ENDS2/10/2022 ENDS1/26/2022 ENDS3/24/2022
50% RefundBEGINS2/11/202250% RefundBEGINS1/27/202250% RefundBEGINS3/25/2022
 ENDS3/7/2022 ENDS2/7/2022 ENDS4/6/2022
NO REFUND AFTER 03/07/2022NO REFUND AFTER 02/07/2022NO REFUND AFTER 04/06/2022


Tuition Due Dates

1ST 8 WEEKS8/5/2021
2ND 8 WEEKS9/30/2021
1ST 8 WEEKS4/28/2022
2ND 8 WEEKS6/2/2022
SUMMER A4/28/2022
SUMMER B4/28/2022
SUMMER C6/2/2022

Should the percentage calculation identify a partial day, the entire day will be included in the refund period. Mountwest Community & Technical College’s governing board reserve the right to change refund schedules without prior notice.

IMPORTANT: Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to contact Advising to drop courses in order to ensure they receive proper notice of withdrawal. Students who do not officially withdrawal from courses according to procedures will be liable for fees incurred. Refunds if due will be processed.

The refund schedule is promulgated by Legislative Rule, Title 135, West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education, Series 32, Tuition and Fees, §135-32-6, Refunds, and Mountwest Community & Technical College Institutional Board of Governors, Policy No. F – 7, Assessment, Collection, and Refund of Student Tuition and Fees.

Students Receiving Financial Assistance

Students receiving financial assistance covered by Title IV of the 1992 Higher Education Act, who officially withdraws shall receive a refund in accordance with the Higher Education Amendments of 1998. Mountwest Community & Technical College will determine how much Title IV aid a student has received and not earned at the time of total withdrawal. The amount of aid earned is calculated on a prorated basis through 60% of the payment period.

Should the percentage calculation identify a partial day, the entire day will be included in the refund period. Mountwest Community & Technical College’s governing board reserve the right to change refund schedules without prior notice.


Student Financial Aid Refunds

All Mountwest Community & Technical College refunds are distributed through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information: BankMobile Disbursements.

To view our contract, click here:

For a more detailed summary of tuition and fees, follow this link.

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