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Placement Testing

Appropriate course placement is important to your success at Mountwest.

Mountwest requires new students to take the Computerized Assessment of Proficiency, or CAP. The results of the assessment are used by academic advisors and counselors to determine course selection. Students who have taken the ACT or SAT in the past five years and have the following scores may be exempt from taking the CAP:

Math: 19 ACT/460 SAT
English: 18 ACT/450 SAT
Reading: 17 ACT/420 SAT
The following Compass scores can also be used to determine placement:

Math: 59 Pre-Algebra/36 Algebra
English: 92
Reading: 30
Additionally, students who are transferring in a 100-level math and/or English credits from an accredited college will not be required to take the CAP.

This assessment is NOT “pass” or “fail.” It is important that you do your very best on these tests so that you have a correct measure of your academic skills. The CAP helps ensure correct placement in mathematics, English and reading. The CAP consists of math, primarily Algebra; English, which includes an essay; and reading, which focuses on reading comprehension.

Tests are offered by appointment only. 

To schedule an appointment, contact the Testing Center at (304) 710.3395, or  For additional information, please contact Veella Grooms at (304) 710.3386, or

Mountwest encourages students to review sample questions on the ACCUPLACER Web site before taking the placement assessment.

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