Student Organizations

Mountwest offers several student clubs and organizations for our students! We welcome you to participate and get involved with our campus community.

Meet the Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team is dedicated to:
– Promoting the general welfare of the students
– Providing a link between faculty, staff, and students
– Ensuring the representation of a student voice in college affairs
– Perpetuating the concept of responsible student freedom

Our Team is composed of students who desire personal success, want to take action to better the school, and want to leave a lasting impression to the student body. We are always accepting new members who share the same drive and passion. If you are interested, please email at, or contact Hannah Matthews at or 307-710-3501.

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Josh Jett
Student Leader
Bailey Rose
Student Leader

Join a Student Club

American Sign Language Club

Advisor – Leigh-Ann Brewer
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3451 Email:

Book Club

Advisor – Jamie Bayne
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3465 Email:  

Cyber Security Club

Advisor – Patrick Smith
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3398 Email:

Design Club

Advisor – Julie Terry
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3439 Email:

Early Childhood Student Association

Advisor – Kristen Brumfield
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3515 Email:

Faith Fellowship Club

Advisor – Julie Hazelett
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3405 Email:

Gaming Club

Advisor – Gary Brafford
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3468 Email:

Legal Studies Club

Advisor – Erin Rich
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3411 Email:

Massage Club

 Advisor – Mary Jo Perdue
 Contact – Phone: 304-710-3519 Email:

Phi Theta Kappa

Advisor – Morgan Byrne
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3464 Email:

Pride Society

Advisor – Casie McGee
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3441 Email:

PTA & Pre-PTA Club

Advisor – Kelly Terry
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3252 Email:

Student Leadership Team

Advisor – Hannah Matthews
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3501 Email:

Table Top Gaming Club

Advisor – Katie Hopkins
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3459 Email:

Vet Tech Club

Advisor – Amanda Clagg
Contact – Phone: 304-710-3492 Email:

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