PTA Program Admissions Criteria

The following Physical Therapist Assistant program admissions criteria and evaluative components are established and applied annually. Revisions can and are made following each application cycle and are then used in the subsequent application year. The admissions process is evaluated annually by program students, the faculty and advisory committee for fairness and effectiveness in meeting the needs of the program, the institution and the profession of physical therapy. Each item below is determined and weighted according to the policy in place for the respective academic year. The information below is in effect for the current Application Cycle.

Initial Screening

The initial screening process includes verification of meeting the following criteria.
  • Admitted to Mountwest Y / N
  • All transcripts available for review Y / N
  • Cumulative GPA (min. 2.5) Y / N
  • Observation experiences documented Y / N
  • Personal recommendation documented Y / N
  • ‘C’ or above in all completed prerequisite coursework Y / N
  • Eligible to advance Y / N
Applicants who do not meet ALL initial screening criteria, as noted above, will not be considered for admission to the PTA program.

Secondary Screening

Applicants who do meet ALL initial screening criteria will advance in the admissions process for further evaluation on the following items based on the weighted percentage. NOTE: Must be attained or maintained through the end of the 2021.
  • Cumulative GPA (min. 2.5) 20%
  • Basic science prerequisite GPA (min. 2.75) 25%
  • General education prerequisite GPA (min. 2.5) 15%
  • Academic aptitude score (derived from Health Science Aptitude Exam) 20%
  • Personal recommendation score 5%
  • Professional interview 15%
  • Total: 100%
The Health Science Aptitude Exam and interviews will be scheduled to occur during the month of April. Admission decisions will be announced as soon as possible after final spring semester grades have been posted to the transcripts. This is anticipated around mid-May.

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