Course Withdrawals

You can DROP a course during the schedule adjustment period of a term. The schedule adjustment period is noted on the Academic Calendar that can be found here. The course will be removed from your transcript as if you had never registered for the course.

After the schedule adjustment period you must WITHDRAW from a course and receive a grade of W on your transcript. Students may withdraw from part of their classes after the schedule adjustment period with a grade of “W” up until last day to drop an individual course or the last day to completely withdraw from all classes–see academic calendar for these dates. THERE ARE FINANCIAL CONSEQUENCES for these withdrawals.

Withdrawing from a class is a serious decision. You are responsible for payment of all registered classes. 10% of the balance of tuition and fees will be assessed if you do not pay or properly withdraw by the published “last day to pay” as reflected on the website. Contact your counselor to withdraw from a class or from the college completely.


  1. Every grade of W will affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculation regarding the 67% Rule. You MUST complete 67% of all the courses you attempt. If you have four 3-credit hour courses (12 credits) and you WITHDRAW from two of them (6 credits) you will only complete 50%. This immediately places you on Financial Aid (FA) Warning, or moves you from FA Warning to FA Suspension.
  2. Every grade of W also affects your SAP 150% calculation, which states you must finish your program within 150% of the time required. (60 credit hour program must be completed within 90 credit hours)
  3. If you completely withdraw from all classes, you may owe money back.

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