Crime Prevention

Each of us has a duty to protect ourselves and our own property. When you have personally done all you can, you may rely on the Mountwest Department of Public Safety, which works closely with local and state agencies, to report criminal activity that takes place on our campus.

The Department of Public Safety works hard to protect the well-being of all students, visitors, faculty and staff, but you must do your part. If you see or experience any criminal behavior, please contact the Department of Public Safety- Security Desk at 304-710-3499 to report the incident.

Crime Reports

Mountwest is committed to providing the campus community and visitors with the safest and most secure environment possible. Mountwest encourages campus community members to remain aware of personal safety and work cooperatively with the campus to ensure the security of all. The Mountwest Department of Public Safety follows all applicable state and federal reporting laws to ensure a safe campus required by the Crime Awareness and Campus Act, better known as the “Clery Act,” which is contained in section 485 of the higher education act, codified at 20 U.S.C. § 1092.

The Mountwest Department of Public Safety collects selected crime statistics, prepares an annual safety report and makes this report available prominently on the Department of Public Safety Web page no later than October 1 annually. Data is collected from college police logs, campus security authorities and local police in jurisdictions that adjoin our campus or where the College conducts off-campus classes and activities.

Recent Annual Reports

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