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The Academic Skills Center, located in Room 103, on the main Mountwest campus, provides a positive learning environment, services, and resources designed to empower students to become successful, independent learners.

A staff of instructional specialists, instructors, and peer tutors collaborate to assist Mountwest Community & Technical College students in meeting academic demands through better understanding of subject matter. Instructors help students find their own answers for continued academic growth. The Academic Skills Center provides guidance for under-prepared students to prepare, prepared students to advance, and advanced students to excel.

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) is operated by a director and a highly qualified staff of math instructors and peer tutors. The ASC offers drop-in tutoring and study groups for all math students.

In addition to working with instructors, students have access to computers and videos to assist in building academic skills and refreshing existing skills. Students enrolled in ASC 096 and ASC 099 are required to attend weekly study sessions in the ASC.

For students requesting assistance with additional classes, the Academic Skills Center’s study mentors and peer tutors offer free academic support and organizational assistance.

To request a 50-minute session with a study mentor or peer tutor, please stop by the Academic Skills Center and fill out a request form or contact Wendy Carter at 304-710-1011.

For additional information about the Mountwest Writing Center or Online Writing Center, please contact Jesse Riggs at 304-710-3437 or simply stop by for a walk-in visit.

Professional Staff

  • Rebecca White, Director
  • Wendy Carter, Coordinator of Peer Tutoring
  • Jesse Riggs, Coordinator of the Writing Center

   Full-time Instructors

  • Jeanette Bailey
  • Leah Ball
  • William Clark
  • Janice Clary
  • Jaqueline Fannin
  • Libby Haught, Study Mentor
  • Kay Hicks
  • Candy Kmen
  • Amanda Tabor
  • Amanda Webb

Spring 2017 Hours

8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday