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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is available to current students who are interested in receiving one-on-one assistance from a peer who has successfully completed the course.  Study mentoring is a free service in which faculty provide organization and study skills assistance. Peer tutors are students who have excelled in individual classes and are recommended for the position by Mountwest Community & Technical College faculty.

These students provide one-on-one supplemental instruction for a variety of courses and provide strategies for studying and learning course material. Peer tutors design a plan for students to improve their understanding of course material by sharing effective study methods.

Students needing assistance from a peer tutor may apply for a weekly 50-minute tutoring session per course, one-time test preparation, or study groups for a common subject. To make an appointment with a peer tutor or study mentor, please contact Kelli Hall,, 304-710-3443 or stop by the ASC in Room 342.

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