General Education & Transfer

Behavioral Science Concentration

Associate of Arts • Minimum 60 Credit Hours

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree with a concentration in Behavioral Science will provide the graduate with an educational core that could lead to a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science.

Earn a Behavioral Science degree.

The AA degree can establish the foundation for a lifetime of continual learning and serve as a framework for a productive professional and personal life. This degree gives emphasis to practical skills in communication and computation which may lead to employment; however, the goal is successful transfer with junior status to an upper division baccalaureate degree program in behavioral science. 

The degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours of general education core transferable courses (including 15 credit hours of Behavioral Science courses) that will provide the student with a broad background to enter a baccalaureate program at the junior level. The AA degree utilizes both on-site as well as distance education.

Admission Requirements

The college adheres to an open admission policy which means applications with a high school diploma or GED are eligible for admission. Applicants with neither a high school diploma nor GED may be admitted on a conditional basis.

Potential Employers

  • Substance abuse
  • Behavioral disorder
  • Mental health counselors
  • Counselors
  • Social workers 
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Sean Hughes
Assistant Professor, Psychology

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