Program Assessments

PTA Program Assessments Clinical Program Assessments Academic Faculty Self-Assessment Immediate Graduate Survey Graduate Survey Employer Survey of Graduates Evaluation of the Application Process Guest Lecture Evaluation Clinical Education Assessments Clinical […]

Faculty Bios

Kelly Terry, DPT, MS, ATC Professor & Academic Director / Clinical Education Coordinator Bachelor of Arts – Athletic Training – Marshall University Master of Science – Health & Physical Education […]

Information for CI’s and CCCE’s

Information for CI’s and CCCE’s MOUNTWEST COMMUNITY & TECHNICAL COLLEGEPTA PROGRAM CLINICAL FACULTY RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES Per the clinical education agreement with your facility you are considered an unpaid adjunct […]

Drug Screening & Background Checks

The academic program requires a drug screening and a criminal background check prior to allowing students into the clinical setting. Additional drug and/or background check may be required by clinical […]

Clinical Education

Rights and privileges of clinical faculty Per the clinical education agreement with your facility, you are considered an unpaid adjunct clinical faculty member of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. While […]

PTA Program Mission & Philosophy

PTA Program Mission and Philosophy Mountwest Community & Technical College is a public institution with open access to learning for a diverse population. Since student learning is the main priority, […]

Program Standards & Requirements

PTA Program Standards and Requirements Health & physical requirements Students need the ability to: Lift and move patients, equipment and accessories (up to 50 pounds); Manipulate treatment equipment and measuring […]

Outcomes & Accreditation

PTA Program Outcomes PTA program outcomes are based upon the latest 2-year (2022-2023) average: 78% of students admitted to the program graduated. 94% of the students passed the national licensing […]

Admissions Criteria

Admission Criteria The following Physical Therapist Assistant program admissions criteria and evaluative components are established and applied annually. Revisions can and are made following each application cycle and are then […]

PTA Cost Sheet

PTA Cost Sheet The following represents the 2021-2022 associated costs for the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Mountwest Community & Technical College. All students seeking admission to the program should […]

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