Financial Aid Disbursement of Funds

Disbursement of federal and state financial aid funds to student accounts will occur once the Financial Aid Office has determined eligibility for funds and authorized the Cashier’s Office to apply payments to student accounts. The Cashier’s Office applies financial aid payments to charges, such as tuition and fees, calculates the difference between the amount owed to the school and the amount of financial aid awarded. The first disbursement of funds is always the second Tuesday of classes after the add/drop period ends. Disbursement occurs every Friday thereafter.* If all requested documents are submitted by the published deadline dates, financial aid funds will be disbursed on the scheduled date. Please check the eligibility section for financial aid on your MyMCTC account to determine if all paperwork has been received and satisfied. Money owed to Mountwest will be deducted from financial aid funds and the difference will be disbursed by BankMobile Disbursements,  a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc to the student’s selected refund preference. For more information about BankMobile Disbursements, visit this link: If you have questions regarding the application of payments from other third parties to your student account you may check your Account Summary on your MyMCTC account or contact the Cashier’s Office at 304.205-6602 or 304.710-3480.

Book Voucher Process

Mountwest pays financial aid refunds after the term begins. We provide bookstore vouchers for students with pending financial aid at least two weeks prior to the start of term and during the first week of class. Students may purchase or rent books using pending financial aid if they have a complete financial aid file, no financial holds and are otherwise eligible for financial aid. Students may opt out of the use of the bookstore by not using their book voucher.

*Disbursement Delay

Mountwest Community & Technical College is committed to student success. As part of that commitment we make student loan payments to certain borrowers at Mountwest Community & Technical College after mid-term grades have been evaluated. Your first student loan disbursement will take place after mid-term grades have been evaluated. Generally, in order to be eligible to receive student loans, students must complete the FAFSA, be accepted for admission to a degree or one-year certificate program, be eligible to receive federal financial aid, be enrolled and attending at least half time, complete loan entrance counseling and promissory notes, as required, and SHOULD be making academic progress. At mid-term, academic progress is defined as having at least a 1.75 GPA and remaining enrolled in at least 60% of the classes for which you initially registered. The disbursement delay will not affect your ability to register for classes, pay your tuition and fees with financial aid or purchase books using a book voucher. The disbursement delay will not affect the payment of grants and scholarships. Students who have a complete financial aid file can use authorized aid to get a book voucher and to cover tuition and fees. Please be aware that if you are no longer enrolled or attending classes, you will not be eligible to receive your student loan disbursement and may owe a bill to Mountwest Community and Technical College as a result. Students who are not making academic progress at mid-term SHOULD visit the Financial Aid Office to discuss their plans for academic improvement before funds are released. How do you know if your file is complete? Check your MyMCTC account for any outstanding paperwork. If you accept student loans, make sure to complete student loan entrance counseling and promissory notes, as needed. Some students who are on financial aid warning status may be able to request an administrative review to determine if the disbursement delay may be waived. You may check your academic progress standing on your MyMCTC account. In order to request an administrative review you should complete the Administrative Review for Warning Status Form, available in the Financial Aid Office, and supply any requested official transcripts or other requested information. To view our third-part servicer contract for refund management, click here.

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