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Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts • 60 Credit Hours

An Associate of Arts degree in General Studies/Transfer Studies can establish the foundation for a lifetime of continual learning and serve as the framework for a productive professional and personal life.

Establish the foundation for continual learning.

This degree is for the student who is planning to earn a baccalaureate degree at a four-year institution.

The  AA  degree  gives  emphasis  to  practical  skills  in  communication  and  computation  which  may  lead  to employment; however, the goal is successful transfer with junior status to an upper division baccalaureate degree program. The degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours of general education core transferable courses that provide the student with a broad background in communication, fine arts, humanities, social science, and sciences/mathematics that will prepare the student to enter a baccalaureate program at the junior level. The AA degree utilizes both on-site as well as distance education.


Program Learning Outcomes:

1. Compose coherent, unified written documents that demonstrate correct mechanics and style, as well as appropriate documentation of sources.

2. Communicate verbal and nonverbal messages appropriate to the audience and situation.

3. Use appropriate evidence and sound reasoning to make a judgment.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of elements important to members of another culture in relation to its history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, or beliefs and practices.

5. Apply mathematical reasoning to solve quantitative problems

Admission Requirements

The college adheres to an open admission policy which means applications with a high school diploma or GED are eligible for admission. Applicants with neither a high school diploma nor GED may be admitted on a conditional basis.

Build your career.

Many businesses and industries seek well-rounded employees whose maturity level along with communication, computation, and decision-making skills are a step above those of traditional high school graduates. 

The Associate in Arts Degree provides graduates with enhanced knowledge and work skills without requiring the larger commitment of time or money necessary for a bachelor’s degree.

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Kendra Bolen
Associate Professor of Communication

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