Distinguished Faculty Award Nominations

Welcome to the Distinguished Faculty Award nomination page. This award recognizes exceptional teaching and remarkable contributions to student success within our college community. We invite students and faculty members to participate in this process.

The Distinguished Faculty Award is a celebration of educators who go above and beyond in their commitment to creating an enriching learning environment and fostering student growth. Nominees for this award will be assessed based on their outstanding performance in the following key areas:

  • Provides a learning environment that fosters critical thinking and individual responsibility while placing the needs of the learner first.
  • Outstanding dedication to student success through the integration of subject matter expertise and innovative teaching strategies.
  • Commitment to student learning through effective, inspiring, and distinguished teaching.
  • Involves students in learning opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Helps connect class lessons to real-world applications that prepare students for their future careers.
  • Provides clear instructions with examples for assignments that makes what is expected evident.
  • Promptly responds to students’ questions and concerns and directs them to college resources for assistance, when appropriate.
  • Provides timely feedback on student assignments to give them insights and tips for improvement, as well as kudos for excellent work.
  • Promotes diversity, respect, and dignity for all persons that facilitates an atmosphere of respect and inclusion in the classroom.
  • Beyond the role of teacher, the faculty member is viewed as a mentor and advisor to individual students and/or student groups.


To nominate a faculty member for the Distinguished Faculty Award, please describe how they exemplify the criteria mentioned above. Provide specific examples and personal insights that showcase the nominee’s impact on your education and the college community as a whole. Thank you for your participation!

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