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Maritime Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available to Mountwest Maritime Academy students through the Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student (HEAPS) grant program.

The program, administered through the WV Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC), is designed to encourage and enable needy West Virginians who desire to continue their education at the postsecondary level on a part-time basis, to pursue their educational goals. The object of the workforce development component of HEAPS is two-fold: (1) assisting recipients in upgrading their occupational skills and (2) by offering an incentive for additional education and training, improving the workforce of West Virginia.

Student Eligibility

A person is eligible for consideration for a grant through the workforce development component of HEAPS, if he/she:

Demonstrates financial need for the funds. The applicant must complete an application for HEAPS Workforce Development Component.
Is a West Virginia resident and may not be considered a resident of any other state. State resident means a person who has lived in West Virginia continuously for a minimum of twelve months.
Is a United States citizen or permanent resident thereof.
Is not incarcerated in a correctional facility.
Is not in default on a higher education loan.
Is in compliance with Military Selective Service Act.
Is making satisfactory progress at the time of application. Satisfactory progress for a first-time award means being accepted for enrollment by the institution the applicant plans to attend. Thereafter, satisfactory progress means continuous advancement toward completion of the program on the normal schedule established for that program.

How to Apply

Students must apply directly to the Mountwest Maritime Academy at Mountwest Community & Technical College. The application is checked for accuracy and sent to the WV Higher Education Policy Commission’s Central Office. The HEPC then determines eligibility. The college representative will contact the applicant to notify them if grant funding has been awarded. Recipients will be selected based on applicants’ eligibility, program of study and the availability of funds.

Amount of Award

The award for the workforce development component of HEAPS will not be greater than the average amount charged for comparable training at West Virginia public colleges and universities or at vocational/technical schools under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education. Total aid, including the HEAPS award, may not exceed the total cost of education as defined by the institution being attended. The current maximum HEAPS award is $2,000 per year.

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