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E-ZStart makes going back to college easy!

What is E-ZStart?

The E-ZStart program fully engages and prepares students for their first full semester at the college.  Mountwest encourages students who are not prepared for the start of the semester or who are anxious about returning to college to enroll in our E-ZStart program.

The program typically starts 2-3 weeks after the standard semester. E-ZStart is a free, 3-credit hour course.  Mountwest covers the cost of tuition and the book needed for the class.

How does E-ZStart work?

E-ZStart bundles all of the pre-enrollment phases into a 3-credit hour college success course. During the course, students:

  • Self-identify their areas of interests;
  • Learn more about academic program options;
  • Complete their FAFSA/Financial Aid paperwork;
  • Review and sit for placement testing;
  • Receive a career services assessment; and
  • Register for courses.

The course also meets student requirements for the COL 101 course, incorporating topics such as:  wise decision-making, college culture, self-assessment, successful student discussions and time management.

Mountwest also understands that students experience anxiety about math. Therefore, during Spring 2014, Mountwest began incorporating a new math and reading component in the E-ZStart course.  As students’ progress through the course, they will also engage in math and reading activities taught by Mountwest faculty. This process allows students to become more familiar with math and reading concepts while also becoming more familiar and establishing personal relationships with Mountwest faculty.

How do I begin the E-ZStart program?

Mountwest offers E-ZStart twice a year, once every academic semester (Fall and Spring).  Anyone interested in receiving general information about the E-ZStart program can contact Mountwest by calling 304-710-3140 or 304-710-3060. To enroll in the program, contact Veella Grooms, E-ZStart Coordinator, at 304-710-3386.

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