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Fall Plans 2020

June 18, 2020

Mountwest Community & Technical College has been preparing facilities for the safe return of our students, faculty and staff. The college has proceeded with deep cleans, signage postings for maintaining social distancing and purchased necessary PPE and cleaning supplies.

Mountwest will be offering classes in multiple modes of delivery to provide students with flexibility, safety, and security in pursuing their educational needs. The four types of delivery include

Mode of Instruction Description
Traditional face-to-face

Classes meet on campus at specific times. (Mostly labs and hands-on learning courses.)


Online Course – All course activity is completed online; there are no required face-to-face sessions within the course and no requirements for on-campus activity.

Live Remote
Classes meet at specific times via web connection and do not meet on campus. Sessions are recorded for review if unable to attend.
Live Remote Hybrid

Classes meet at specific times on campus, but half of the students attend each session and the other half participate via web connection. A schedule will be established for students for which sessions to attend.

Using these modes of delivery will provide students the opportunity to maintain safe distancing based on federal, state and local health recommendation guidelines. More information on modes of delivery will be available on the Mountwest website, Mountwest also started a laptop checkout program for students that may need to borrow a laptop for the semester.

The Mountwest Academic Skills Center (ASC) has created multiple tutoring options and is providing students with academic assistance through staff-led Writing Center and math tutoring, plus peer tutoring in all other subject areas. If students have internet access problems, the faculty and staff are available to help locate additional access sites. There will be designated areas throughout the campus for students to access Wifi and computers. Additional resources and guidance available online at

Mountwest is currently accepting and registering students for the Fall semester with classes beginning August 17, 2020. 

Fall 2020 Student Guide

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