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COVID-19 Update

Update as of 05/07/2020

The leadership team at Mountwest is committed to bringing our faculty, staff and students back to campus.  We are actively planning for a return to campus that incorporates the guidance and directives we receive from our federal, state, and local authorities.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to resume traditional teaching, learning, and working in a manner that adheres to proper social distancing guidelines.  While this is challenging, we are confident that through proper planning and preparation we will achieve the goal.  

While Summer semester courses will be delivered in a non face-to-face method, we are prepared to resume very specific coursework for Spring courses that were deferred.   This will provide students with the opportunity to complete the Spring semester. Until current guidelines change, students will be screened as they enter the building and will be required to wear some form of face covering.  Additionally, while on campus and in the classrooms, students will be required to follow posted social distancing guidelines.  Once the College is notified that we can begin opening back up, we will provide additional guidelines for students that need to complete coursework for their Spring class(es).

Our goal is to have all students, faculty, and staff  back on campus and for face-to-face instruction to resume, in some capacity, in time for the start of the Fall Semester in August.  We are cautiously optimistic that students who want to continue their studies on campus this fall can do so, but also recognize that we must do so while taking every precaution possible to manage the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. 

Social distancing will likely continue on campus as students begin the Fall semester.   Therefore, we are working to address specific details should we need to adjust our course schedule and/or limit the number of students permitted in a single classroom.  The details of the plan should be finalized in the coming weeks.

Update as of 4/9/2020

Due to our commitment to the health and welfare of our Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community, we have made additional adjustments that impact our Spring and Summer semesters.

Spring Semester

Our Student Success Counselors and Faculty Advisors are available to discuss options that best support your academic goals and keep you on the path towards success.  Please refer to the list of contacts available on the student resources page and do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.  We are here to help.  (

  • No student will be placed on academic suspension at the conclusion of the spring semester due to COVID-19 related challenges.
  • No student receiving financial aid will fail to meet satisfactory academic progress due to COVID-19 related challenges.
  • There will be an option to receive a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grade based upon the final letter grade earned for a course.  Additional details and guidance will be provided in the near future.
  • All students have until Thursday, May 7th to withdraw from an individual course or totally withdraw from all courses.
  • Spring courses that have no alternative for face-to-face instruction and/or learned outcomes assessment will be deferred. These courses will be completed once the College resumes normal operations.  Students will NOT be re-charged to complete the course. Students will receive an INCOMPLETE grade for all courses that are deferred and once the coursework is completed, the final grade earned will be recorded on the student transcript. Those courses currently selected for deferred completion are:
PTAPTA 200Pathological Conditions
 PTA 220Orthopedic Rehab
 PTA 220LOrthopedic Rehab Lab
 PTA 230Adult Rehabilitation
 PTA 230LAdult Rehab Lab
 PTA 250PT Special Topics
 PTA 240Clinical Experience II
PTA 200Pathological Conditions
VET TECHVet 220LVeterinary Nursing II
 Vet 225LClinical Lab II
 Vet 260LVeterinary Imaging
 Vet 285Veterinary Practicum
 Vet 295Veterinary Externship-
EME/PAREME 105Emergency Medical Technician
 PAR 252Paramedic Clinical II
ITIT 223Networking Administration IV
 IT 221Advanced Operating Systems II
 IT 299Internship/Cooperative Work Experience

Summer Semester

All summer school courses will be delivered in a non-face-to-face format.  The College is updating the summer school course schedule to reflect these changes. We encourage you to check the courses offered on a regular basis, as we expect there may be additional changes over the next few weeks.  The Courses Offered link is posted on the College‚Äôs main web page (

Additional information to guide current students through the registration process is available here:

Update as of 3/26/2020

Dear Students,

Starting Monday March 30th through the end of the spring semester all classes will be taught in a non-face to face mode of delivery. I can assure you our Mountwest Faculty will do everything possible to ensure successful completion of these courses necessary to stay on track for your program and graduation.

Communication is the key to success, and in light of current events more critical even this semester. You and your faculty will have higher expectations for two-way communication over the next five weeks.  You will need to check email several times a day and faculty will be sending out more information on course expectations, course materials and due dates. We all have stressors at this time, but we will work together to step up communication and provide a smoother ending to the semester.

Advising will also be completed in a non-face to face mode to protect students, counselors, and faculty. Counselors will be able to schedule times and means of communication to provide easy access.  Faculty advisors will also provide support through email, Blackboard or Zoom. All faculty should be sending out emails or post in Blackboard times and modes of communication for office hours.

Academic Resources (

Academic Leadership Contact (

Campus to protect you, staff, faculty and your families, our campus has limited access. If you are required to obtain materials from campus, you will be instructed on the proper process.

Deferred Courses (Classes deferred will be assigned an I (Incomplete) and courses will be completed as soon as possible. Check link: List of courses will be updated through Monday March 30.)

Summer and Fall Enrollment-Is currently open!

If you have other specific needs or concerns for your individual classes, please reach out to those instructors for assistance. Together, we can help address any concern you may have so you can finish your semester successfully.

We are all here to help; please contact any of us to find the support you need.

Michael McComas, Interim CAO
Dean of Liberal Arts & Transfer Studies

Update as of 3/20/2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

In response to recent developments related to Coronavirus COVID-19, Mountwest Community & Technical College has made additional changes to previous measures instituted:

  • During Spring break, March 22-28:
    • All employees will work from home unless identified as essential personnel for continuity of essential services and operations.
    • The College will remain open and access will be granted on a limited basis.
  • Beginning March 30, all classes will utilize alternative NON face-to-face instructional methods, which may vary from class to class.  These instruction methods will continue through the conclusion of the Spring Semester.  Students will receive additional communication regarding class activities as well as academic and support services.
  • The May graduation ceremony has been cancelled. We are working to identify a prorated refund for the graduation fee students have already paid.  Official diplomas for the degrees earned will be mailed to each graduate.
  • As instruction will continue and credit hours are being earned and awarded, no tuition refunds will be offered.

Student Support Services can be reached by calling 304.710.3140  or by emailing:

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during these difficult times. Your safety and well-being is of utmost importance.  We encourage everyone to continue to follow guidance from the CDC ( as well as local, state and national authorities.

Update as of 3/18/2020

Dear Mountwest Faculty and Staff,

Though the COVID-19 situation is evolving once again, Mountwest Leadership has determined that no change in the current plan of action is warranted at this time.  

Like many institutions, our preparedness plan takes into consideration the individual characteristics of our students, faculty, and staff, the resources available to them, and the risk level at our institution, in our local community and in our region.

As we continue preparation and response activities to address the concerns related to COVID-19 and its impact on our constituents, their families, and our community, Mountwest leadership will continue to work closely with public health and government officials, actively monitor information and guidance provided by those officials, and adjust our plan as the situation evolves.   

We recognize this is a challenging time and ask that you continue to check our website for updates and to call 304.710.3060 should you have questions.

AS OF 3/13/2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

In response to recent developments related to Coronavirus COVID-19, Mountwest Community & Technical College has instituted the following measures:

  • During the week of March 16-19, all Face-to-Face instruction is suspended.
    • All courses currently delivered 100% online will continue normal activities.
    • All Full-time Faculty and Staff are to report to work as scheduled.
    • All Part-time Staff and Student Workers are NOT to report to work until further notice.
    • All Adjunct Faculty will receive direction from their respective Academic Chairs in the coming days.
  • Spring break will be observed during the week of March 22-28.
  • Beginning March 30 all classes will move to alternative non face-to-face instructional methods which may vary from class to class.  Students will receive additional communication regarding class activities and further guidance.
  • Traditional instruction will resume on April 13 unless College Leadership deems it unsafe to resume face-to-face instruction at that time.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be disseminated should our plans change.  We encourage everyone to continue to follow guidance from the CDC ( as well as local, state and national authorities.

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