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About the West Virginia Collegiate Recovery Network
West Virginia Collegiate Recovery Network is an innovative partnership, offering peer recovery support services on seven higher education campuses. Helping students that identify as being in recovery build a support network and build a recovery community.
This project is supported by federal State Opioid Response funding, which originates from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
The Collegiate Recovery Coach on campus will assist students that identify as being in recovery, build a support system, connect students to recovery services,  provide peer-to-peer services, assist in building a recovery community on campus, and create a recovery ally program. 

Peer Recovery Specialist- Tahanna Pierce 

Tahanna works with the West Virginia Collegiate Recovery Network to create a more inclusive environment on the Mountwest CTC campus for students who are in recovery. Tahanna also helps students who are also suffering from substance misuse disorder.  

“I am in recovery from substance misuse disorder. I know all too well the struggles of being a student in recovery. I also know how difficult it can be to ask for help at times. However, I want all students to feel confident in the fact that I am here on campus to help you! If nothing else, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.” 

Not everyone realizes how triggering things college culture, college vocabulary, or even completing a FAFSA can be. Tahanna is here to act as a mentor, and to provide outreach and early intervention if the need arises. She is at Mountwest to inform and lead a student’s journey!  


Just a few examples of services offered: 

  • Assist individuals in crisis situations involving social, emotional, health, and other problems 
  • Work on campus with faculty, staff, and administration to develop support for students 
  • Link students with support groups, treatment programs, and other community resources 
  • Act as a liaison between students, campuses, communities, and service organizations 


 For more information, or to request assistance, contact Tahanna by phone 304-399-1345 or via email 


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