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Mountwest Ready & Skilled Award

Congratulations!  Your academic success at Mountwest may have earned you the opportunity to receive the Mountwest Ready & Skilled Award!

Individuals who complete the three courses listed below with a grade of “B” or better will receive this award.

Certificate Requirement                                 Credit Hours

BUS 105 Career Preparation                                         3

COM 125 Interpersonal Communication               3

IT 101 Fundamentals of Computers                          3


As you know, employers are searching for job-ready employees who understand the demands of today’s workplace. Let them know that you’re ready and skilled!

To help you earn this award, Mountwest is offering you an online, self-paced course at no charge to you. BUS 105 Workplace Readiness Skills introduces those skills needed for workplace employability such as: communication and reasoning, teamwork, personal finance, work place ethics, employer expectations, and proper career selection.

In addition to this tuition-free, three-credit course, you will receive

  • Skill Set Certificate of Successful Completion in Workforce Readiness
  • priority services from Mountwest Career Services,
  • notification to potential employers of your achievement, and
  • honor cords to wear at graduation.

Show employers you’re ready for business.  Earn you Mountwest Ready & Skilled Award that shows your mastery of high-demand skill that will set you up for success no matter your career field.

For more information contact:

Jennifer Judge
Director of Career Services

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