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Facility Rental

Mountwest Community & Technical College encourages responsible use of campus facilities by off campus groups when such facilities are available.

The following priorities govern the scheduling of events:

1. Credit bearing educational programs.

2. Educational programs and/or activities sponsored by the college.

3. Non-credit programs sponsored by the college.

4. College affiliated programs sponsored by an appropriate office or department.

5. Events and/or activities sponsored by groups not affiliated with the college.

For any given semester, rentals may not be possible until all activities in 1 through 4 have been scheduled.

The use of Mountwest facilities by those outside the college community will be subordinate to the principal function of the institution and cannot interfere with the college’s scheduling of educational programs.

The college reserves the right to refuse the use of any facility to any organization when it determines that such use might not be in the best interests of the college.

The use of the college facilities will require an organization to obtain comprehensive general liability insurance with a combined single limit of not less than $1,000,000. Mountwest Community & Technical College shall be named an additional insured as their interests appear. The insurance certificate must be submitted at least 5 days in advance of the use of the facility.

Only the room(s) specifically approved on the Facility Lease Agreement are to be used.

Under certain circumstances, Mountwest Community & Technical College has the right to waive fees.

In any type of advertising for an event, the organization must include a disclaimer to the effect that Mountwest is in no way sponsoring or endorsing the function.

Depending on the type of event and/or number of persons expected to attend, the college may require the services of additional maintenance personnel and/or campus security. The cost of these additional services will be the responsibility of the lessee.

No alcoholic beverages may be brought to or served on campus without prior approval. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings. Eating and drinking is allowed only in food service areas.

No food service may be supplied by an organization, caterer, or individuals other than the college’s food service operator (unless the College food service waives its right to provide such service).

No scenery, decorations, combustible materials, animals, or other materials of an unusual nature may be brought into a building or on the college grounds without approval and, if necessary, the presence of an inspector to insure their proper use.

The number of occupants must be limited to the safe capacity of the room or facility used. The organization is responsible for limiting attendance so as not to exceed the safe capacity of any facility used.

All persons must obey instructions from uniformed security officers and comply with safety and fire regulations and evacuation procedures.

An inspection of the premises by Public Safety or Physical Plant personnel prior to and immediately following an event may be requested. Officers and advisors or the sponsoring organizations are encouraged to request this inspection and accompany personnel. Any damage or violation of policy noted will be reported to the Event Coordinator. A complaint stating the violation, damages, estimated cost of repair, etc. will be filed. Payment for all damages to buildings or equipment will be the responsibility of the organization authorized to use the facilities.

Groups whose members’ ages are below majority must be accompanied by responsible adults.

All temporary signage for an event is the responsibility of the renting agency. Such signage cannot in any way mar or disrupt the college’s buildings and grounds and must be removed immediately following the event. Signage plans must be preapproved by the college.

No parties using Mountwest Community & Technical College facilities shall discriminate against any citizen of the US or any person within the jurisdiction thereof, on the grounds of race, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, or handicap.

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