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Our academic advising and professional counseling services offer a personal level of support that lets you know that Mountwest cares about your success. Students are encouraged to meet regularly with his or her student success counselor, especially during their first year at Mountwest. Our counselors are here to help you succeed.

Advising & Counseling Services are located in the One-Stop for Student Services on the college’s main campus in Room 101.

Academic Advising

Academic advising at Mountwest is a joint effort between our faculty and student success counselors. Our counselors have specialized knowledge of courses and programs and are the best sources of information on how to complete your program requirements.

Whether you need help deciding which courses to take or help making the most of the resources available to you at Mountwest, your student success counselor can help you figure out what you can do to become a successful student. Our counselors will develop a one-on-one relationship with you and will be your first contact when/if an academic problem surfaces. This person has a personal interest in your success. He or she will help you:

  • Identify and accomplish career and life goals in a timely manner and before major academic deadlines;
  • Develop growth through self-awareness;
  • Identify realistic educational and career goals, as well as a program of study to achieve them; and
  • Embrace life challenges beyond the college experience.

Counseling Services

Our Counseling Services are designed to help students better understand themselves, deal with important decisions and resolve career and study problems that can interfere with their educational goals. For ongoing counseling needs, we refer to our immediate community providers and will assist you making the necessary referrals.

Our on-site student success counselors:

  • Help students assess their abilities, interests, and goals;
  • Coordinate career planning and academic progress;
  • Provide information about courses, programs and occupations
  • Provide referrals to other campus resources

Students who have less than 24 earned Mountwest credits, are on academic probation and/or are taking courses below the 100 level are required to meet with a counselor PRIOR to registration. After students have earned 24 credit hours of 100-level coursework, they will then begin meeting with their faculty advisor.

Mental Health Counseling
Mountwest provides referrals for on-site mental health counseling for students struggling with abuse, anger management, anxiety, chemical dependency, depression, eating disorders, grief and loss, sleep problems and stress, among others.

A mental health professional is available on site Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Stop by the Student Services One-Stop for more information.