The increasing complexities of the business environment have created the need for individuals who possess a greater diversity of skills. Interpersonal, communication, analytical, decision-making, customer service and computer skills are essential for success in business.

An associate degree in Management Technology provides these skills and prepares students for entry-level positions in organizations with career paths that eventually lead to supervisory and management positions. The program also prepares employed individuals for upward mobility within their organizations. 

What You’ll Learn
A concentration in accounting prepares the student for a nonsupervisory position. This person performs a variety of complex clerical and entry level accounting activities applying accepted procedures to the preparation and maintenance of accounting and other records, and preparing financial, statistical, and/or technical reports to ensure accurate accounting records. See the current advising sheet for more details. 

Credits Required:  60 hours

Credential Earned:  Associate of Applied Science

Certificate Option:  A Certificate of Applied Science in Accounting/Bookkeeping is available for students who complete 30 credit hours. See the current advising sheet for more details.

Career Settings
Accounting paraprofessionals are qualified for numerous career opportunities such as accountant’s assistants, accounting clerks, bookkeepers, banking support staff, finance support staff and income tax preparation clerks. Having completed some college is becoming increasingly important for financial clerks, particularly for those occupations requiring knowledge of accounting. For occupations such as bookkeepers, accounting clerks and procurement clerks, an associate degree in business or accounting often is required.

Program Outcomes
-Graduates will be employed in field, a related field, or pursuing an advanced degree.

-Graduates will demonstrate skills and knowledge appropriate for success in the accounting field.

-Graduates will be satisfied that the curriculum has prepared them for success in field or a related field, or for the pursuit of an advanced degree.