American Sign Language

American Sign Language

This program is designed to give students foundation in American Sign Language (ASL) and to acquaint them with basic issues of concern to the Deaf community. Furthermore, the program offers an opportunity to individuals already working in the Deaf community to increase their understanding of ASL and Deaf Culture in order to strengthen their knowledge and their communication skills.

What You’ll Learn
Upon completion of the Associate of Applied Science Degrees in American Sign Language, the graduate will be able to effectively communicate with Deaf persons in informal settings in teaching, human services, or health care. See the current advising sheet for more details.

Credits Required:  60 hours

Credential Earned:  Associate of Applied Science
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Career Settings
American Sign Language skills are needed by professionals in public and private agencies and educational settings serving the deaf/hard of hearing people (e.g. teachers, counselors, consultants, therapists, specialists) by enhancing their ability to understand and communicate with the deaf and hard hearing. In addition, sign language interpreting is a rapidly expanding filed. Schools, government agencies, and private businesses employ interpreters. Interpreters work in a variety of settings including medical, legal, religious, mental health, rehabilitation, performing arts, and business. Part-time, full-time, freelance and salaried positions are available in most metropolitan areas across the country.

Program Outcomes
-Communicate effectively in American Sign Language both expressively and receptively.
-Use American Sign Language to converse, give instructions, and tell stories.
-Demonstrate awareness of diversity within the Deaf Community.
-Obtain a rich knowledge of the culture, history and literature of Deaf people.