General/Transfer Studies (AA and AAS)

General/Transfer Studies (AA and AAS)


A degree in General/Transfer studies establishes the foundation for a lifetime of continual learning and serves as a framework for a productive professional and personal life. This degree is for students who (1) are planning to earn a baccalaureate degree at a four-year institution; (2) have educational needs not covered by more specific technical programs; (3) find access to the main campus for instruction physically challenging; or (4) are not ready to declare a major. 

What You’ll Learn
The degree requires 61 credit hours of General Education core transferable courses that provide students with a broad background in written and oral communication, humanities, social science and sciences/mathematics. This Associate of Arts degree utilizes both on-site as well as distance education. See the current (AA) advising sheet or current (AS) advising sheet for more details.  This Associate of Arts degree is also available totally online.  See the current (AA) ONLINE Advising sheet.

Credits Required:  61 hours

Credential Earned:  Associate of Arts 

Career Settings
Many businesses and industries seek well-rounded employees whose maturity level and communication and decision-making skills are a step above those of traditional high school graduates. The Associate in Arts Degree in Transfer Studies provides graduates with enhanced work skills without requiring the larger commitment of time or money necessary for a bachelor’s degree. This degree is ideal for currently employed high school graduates who need a college degree to advance in their positions.

Program Outcomes
-Demonstrate the ability to think critically and creatively
-Apply analytical reasoning across academic disciplines
-Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication
-Demonstrate information literacy and technological competency
-Recognize and appreciate diversity, historical viewpoints, and the global perspective
Cultivate ethical values, personal wellness, and personal learning strategies
-Demonstrate leadership skills through civic engagement