Workforce Readiness

Workforce Readiness

What You’ll Learn:
Students will gain the skills and training required to be successful in the workplace.   Upon completion the student will:
• build a solid career foundation
• improve resume and interviewing skills
• develop teamwork and interpersonal skills
• practice time and project management
• learn basic computer skills

Students will also be evaluated in the following areas in order to successfully complete the skill set certificate:

• Communication – use of oral and written skills to clearly communicate thoughts and ideas
• Effort – demonstration of strong work ethic and preparedness for assignments
• Quality of Work – applicable to classroom work and academic performance
• Attendance – ability to manage oneself
• Time Management – punctuality, preparedness, handing in assignments on time
• Professionalism – image demonstrated by student in terms of behavior, appearance and attitude

Credits Required:  9 hours

Credential Earned:  Individuals who complete the above courses with a grade of “B” or better will receive a Skill Set Certificate of Successful Completion in Workforce Readiness.