Board of Governors - Transportation Concentration

Board of Governors - Transportation Concentration

The Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science Degree is designed to assist adult learners to meet occupational goals, employment requirements, establish professional credentials or achieve personal goals. This degree provides Mountwest Community & Technical College a mechanism to deliver educational programs to nontraditional students desiring to complete their post-secondary education.

This program is available to nontraditional students who have graduated from high school two or more years prior to enrollment. For those students who earned their GED/TASC certificate, program application must be at least two years from the date their class would have graduated from high school.

This degree requires participants to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours from a regionally accredited institution of higher education of which three (3) credits hours must be earned at Mountwest Community & Technical College with a letter grade of “C” or higher. Students who wish to develop specific job skills in a specific concentration under the Board of Governors degree program must complete 15 credit hours of work in the approved occupational concentration.

What You’ll Learn
The student who graduates with the Board of Governors Associate in Applied Science Transportation concentration will possess:

Ability to work collaboratively in groups;
Computer software skills;
Communication skills;
Critical thinking skills; and
Job skills in Transportation.

See the current advising sheet for more details.

Credits Required:  60 hours

Credential Earned:  Associate of Applied Science

Program Outcomes
-Graduates will be employed in field, a related field, or pursuing an advanced degree.

- Graduates will demonstrate skills and knowledge appropriate for success in their Information Technology concentration.

-Graduates will be satisfied that the curriculum has prepared them for success in field or a related field, or for the pursuit of an advanced degree.

The Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science will seamlessly articulate with the West Virginia Board of Regents Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Applied Science degrees.