Radiologic Technology

Radiologic Technology

The Radiologic Technology Program is a cooperative effort between Mountwest and Collins Career Center (CCC). The student should complete or be enrolled in all pre-radiologic admission course before applying to the program. Admission requirements to Collins Career Center Radiologic Technology program may vary year to year. The CCC Radiologic Technology program provides the students with a total of 1,000 classroom hours and 1,420 hours of clinical experience. 

What You’ll Learn
Graduates of the Radiologic Technology Program will know how to safely take x-rays of patients as well as administer injections of non-radioactive material for diagnostic purposes. You will learn to minimize patient exposure to radiation with the use of lead shields and other devises. You will also learn how to minimize or expand the size of the x-ray beam in order to use the smallest amount of radiation but to also get the best x-ray possible.

You will learn to use a devise that measure the thickness of a body part to find the correct amount of an x-ray beam, this will help in getting an accurate x-ray of the inside of a body part that is needed to diagnose. You will learn proper placement of the x-ray film ensure proper exposure and how to develop the film. As a radiology tech you will learn how to use and preserve equipment, assess equipment purchases or you may even manage the radiology unit. See the current advising sheet for more details. 

Credits Required:  84 hours

Credential Earned:  Associate of Applied Science

Career Settings
Hospitals remain the principal employer of radiologic technologists and technicians. However, a greater number of new jobs can be increasingly found in physicians' offices and diagnostic imaging centers.

Potential Employers

  • Cabell-Huntington Hospital
  • King’s Daughters’ Medical Center
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center