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Sign your  Federal Direct Loan Promissory Note Online at: Student Loans. gov.  The Financial Aid Office will certify your loan electronically when your financial aid file is complete. You may complete your promissory note at any time.

New loan applications will be certified after July 15 each year. Student loan borrowers must be enrolled at least part-time (six semester hours) to receive student loans.

All loans must be made in two disbursements. Students attending both fall and spring semesters will have loan disbursements made in two equal parts to correspond with the beginning of fall term and the beginning of spring term. Students attending one term will have the loan equally divided, with one half of the loan paid at the beginning of the term and the remaining half paid in the middle of the term. All summer students will receive their loan in two equal installments.

All new borrowers at Mountwest will receive student loan disbursement after mid-term grades have been evaluated. Generally, in order to receive student loans, you must complete the FAFSA, be accepted for admission into a degree or one year certificate program, be eligible to receive federal financial aid, be enrolled and attending at least half time, complete loan entrance counseling and promissory notes as required, and be making academic progress as defined by Mountwest.

All new loan borrowers must complete required entrance counseling.

New loan applications should be completed no later than August 10 for the fall semester, or December 20 for the spring semester in order to ensure that loan funds are available. No new loan requests will be processed after November 10 for Fall semester, April 10 for Spring Semester or June 10 for Summer Semester.

You will be required to use your U.S. Department of Education issued FSA User ID to complete an electronic MPN.