Financial Aid Deadlines

Financial Aid Deadlines

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Paperwork Deadlines:

For Fall Awards June 30
For Spring Awards November 30
For Summer Awards April 30

Meet the Deadline:

Meeting the deadline dates means ALL of the requested forms and paperwork have been received by the Financial Aid Office, including an electronic copy of your Student Aid Report and full admission to Mountwest Community and Technical College. This does not mean that you file the FAFSA by the deadline date but, rather that you file the FAFSA so the Student Aid Report is received in our office, along with all requested forms and paperwork, by the deadline date. Students who do not meet the deadline dates must pay for all expenses (tuition, fees, books, room and board) from their own resources.

To ensure that you meet the deadline date you should file the FAFSA at least one month prior to the deadline date, and you should check with the Financial Aid Office to make certain that you are fully admitted. No funds will be disbursed to you unless your financial aid file is complete. We are unable to offer you an award until you are fully admitted to Mountwest Community and Technical College.

Missing the above deadlines, with the exception of summer, does not prevent you from receiving financial assistance; however, it may delay the receipt of assistance. Students failing to meet the above deadlines MUST be prepared to cover college expenses from their own resources, or contact the Business Office to make arrangements to use the 60/40 tuition payment plan.

The final deadline for submittal of all verification documents is 30 days prior to the end of the academic year/period you are enrolled. This designated deadline allows the Financial Aid Office to process and authorize disbursements within the timeframe permitted under regulations set forth for administering the federal and state financial aid programs. Failure to provide requested documentation within this timeframe will result in cancellation of your financial aid offers.

Deadlines for Loan Promissory Notes and New Loan Requests:

Fall Semester November 10th
Spring Semester April 10th
Summer Semester June 10th

Note: Promissory notes submitted after the above dates may not be processed in time for the funds to be released by the end of the semester. No loan money can be released after the end of the semester. No new loan requests will be processed after the above dates.

If you miss the deadlines you can still apply for federal financial aid, but you must be enrolled at the time funds are disbursed, and you must be making academic progress. You should be prepared to cover your expenses from your own resources if you apply late.

Disbursement Information:

Financial Aid Submission Deadline Estimated Disbursement Date
    Fall paperwork submitted in July     Expect disbursement delay until mid to late September
    Fall paperwork submitted in August     Expect disbursement delay until mid to late October
    Fall paperwork submitted in September     Expect disbursement delay until mid to late November
    Spring paperwork submitted in December     Expect disbursement delay until mid to late February
    Spring paperwork submitted in January     Expect disbursement delay until mid to late February

Summer paperwork turned in after April 30th: Summer aid is generally limited to remaining loan eligibility for the aid year. In limited cases you may qualify for summer Pell funding.

State Grant and Scholarship Deadlines:
Promise Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . March 1
West Virginia Higher Education Grant . . . . . . . . . . April 15