Orientation Quiz

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1. The peer coach room is located in Room 233 and can be contacted at (304) 710-3060.


2. Choose one of the following below that your student success counselor will help you with.

Help students assess their abilities, interests, and goals.
Provide information about courses, programs and occupations.
All of the above
Provide referrals to other campus resources.

3. If a student is interested being involved in on campus activity they would contact sga@mctc.edu.


4. Who do you contact to retrieve your email log in information?

Resource Center
Military Program
IT Help Desk
Financial Aid

5. If you need help with math or need a peer tutor, who would you contact?

Off Campus Programs
Academic Skills Center
Financial Aid
Testing Center

6. If I drop one class I will get a refund.


7. To determine who the program director and their contact information is for a particular program, you should look on the program sheet.


8. If I have a question about a bill from Mountwest I should contact:

Financial Aid
None of the above

9. If I have a question about a grade on a paper the first person I should contact is my:

Student Success Counselor
Dean for Student Services

10. I must complete my FAFSA:

Once a year
Once a semester
Once for 4 years
Once a quarter

11. If I am feeling stressed out, I can go to Student Services and speak to a Mental Health Counselor.


12. Mountwest offers many free opportunities for students regarding life skills, job readiness and mental health services.


13. Student loans must be paid back, student grants do not need to be paid back.


14. Students with qualified disabilities under the American with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 can inquire about accommodations through:

Student Services-One Stop
Human Resources
Their faculty member
Chair of their program

15. If I have an issue and cannot hand in my assignment on time I should:

Not turn it in at all
Turn it in as soon as possible and hope for the best.
Contact the faculty member immediately and turn it in as soon as possible.
None of the above.

If you're interested in enrolling in courses at Mountwest, please call 304-710-3060 or submit your name and email address, and someone will contact you with more information.