Endowed Scholarships

When you give to support a scholarship through the Mountwest Foundation, you’re not just making a gift, you’re changing a life. Establishing an endowed scholarship ensures the long-term impact of your investment. It is a long-term, self-sustaining source of funding for the benefit of Mountwest.

By establishing an endowed scholarship through the Mountwest Foundation, donors provide for the ongoing support of current and future students. Each year, a portion of the endowment's earning are paid out, while the principal is retained for future growth. Donors may either make an outright or deferred gift to establish their endowment.

Endowed scholarships are named scholarships. Donors may choose to honor a loved one, recognize a favorite professor or create the endowment in their own name. The fund becomes endowed when a minimum of $15,000 is received.

Other types of endowments may also be established through the Foundation for academic chairs, professorships, named programs and general endowments.

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