Academic Gifts

By supporting students and high quality learning, your gift creates opportunities for Mountwest students to be successful in school, work and life.

Academic gifts and pledges are critical in developing new programs and enhancing existing ones. The generosity of friends, businesses and foundations provide:

Student Scholarships

Help a Mountwest student achieve his or her dream of earning a degree by sponsoring a scholarship.

Academic Program Support

There are many options and needs when it comes to donor support of academic programs. You can designate your gift to an area that has special meaning to you or allow your Academic Program gift to remain unrestricted to service the greatest needs in this category.

Your gift may include support of:
Qualified instructors. Support in this area may come through the sponsorship of endowed professor or dean positions. It also includes professional development for current faculty and staff.

Curriculum development. Mountwest may have the capacity to develop some curriculum in-house, however, some requires outside expertise and research, which can be costly.

Non-traditional delivery methods. Mountwest offers some of its courses through online and hybrid (a combination of classroom and online) teaching methods. However, access to new technologies could allow Mountwest to interact with students via distance learning and live virtual classroom environments.

Classroom equipment and supplies. This need is especially great in the highly technical fields, such as information technology, and those with disposable materials, such as allied health fields.

Remember, the private support Mountwest receives for its academic programs allows us update equipment in a timely manner, keep tuition and fees at an affordable rate and pursue new opportunities relative to the demands of the current job market.

Student Support

Your gift enables Mountwest to offer:
Career services, including networking and job placement opportunities.

Tutoring services through our Academic Skills Center, math and writing labs.

Student organizations. Mountwest students are looking for the complete college experience. Student organizations not only connect students with new friends, but also cultivate leadership and enable students to work as part of a team.

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