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Learning communities give you the opportunity to take required courses in an exciting new way--taking two or more courses with the same classmates.

A learning community is a group of students who take­ a common set of courses together or share a common­ experience around their academics.­

For spring 2015, Mountwest is offering a learning community for COL 101 and ENL 096. You can meet your requirements for our new student seminar while knocking out your integrated developmental English/Reading requirements.

COL 101 & ENL 096 | 10 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. | Mondays & Wednesdays | Assistant Professor Coleman

In COL 101 (3 credit hours), you’ll get a great introduction to college life. The course provides students with an opportunity to adjust to the academic and social environment of college under the guidance of a faculty mentor, your student success counselor and a peer coach.

ENL 096 is a combined developmental reading and writing course rolled into one for 4 credit hours, saving you both time and money. You’ll improve your reading and writing proficiency through basic reading comprehension, reading strategies, vocabulary development/grammar and writing skills. (Prerequisite: Write Placer 4; ACT 14-17)

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