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Mountwest offers enrollment assistance through E-Z Start

August 22, 2013

Huntington, W.Va. - Mountwest Community & Technical College is taking some of the anxiety out of beginning college by offering enrollment assistance through its E-Z Start program.

In a series of classes, faculty will guide applicants through the admissions process by reviewing transcripts, evaluating financial aid options, arranging placement assessments, assisting in career exploration, and providing academic counseling and other information concerning campus resources. Through trust and commitment to success, this mentoring role will be maintained throughout subsequent semesters and graduation.

“Learning is very much about courage. It’s often not easy to take that first step to enroll in college, and charting unfamiliar territory can be daunting,” said Dr. Keith Cotroneo, President of Mountwest. “Through our E-Z Start program, we help students navigate their path to higher education and point them in the directon of success.”

The program is free, but there are a limited number of scholarships available. Enrollment is going on now, and the classes will begin September 16. Contact Veella Grooms, Student Success Counselor, at 304.710.3386 for more information.