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Celebrate Learning 2014: Assessments

April 17, 2014

Welcome to Celebrate Learning week 2014! The surveys you are about to take will provide valuable feedback for the faculty and administration of Mountwest Community & Technical College as we continue to strive toward providing our students the best learning experience possible. The Assessment Day results are used for the accrediting process for Mountwest.

If Mountwest is not accredited, the diploma you receive will be meaningless to future employers. Also, if Mountwest does not maintain accreditation, the college will not continue to receive federal financial aid to give to students. Faculty members may also use the results to make curriculum changes.

Asssessment: Description:
Math Assessment A brief survey about previous/recent math classes and your experiences.
ASC Evaluation This survey will relate to your experiences when using the Academic Skills Center and the tutoring services it provides.
Mountwest Café A survey composed of questions pertaining to food options at the Mountwest Café.
Campus Life A survey about campus life at Mountwest Community & Technical College.
Anatomy/Physiology This survey relates to student experiences while taking Anatomy & Physiology classes at Mountwest.
College 101 The College 101 team would value your input on the Mountwest Student Success (COL 101) classes.
Resource Center A survey centered on your experiences using the Mountwest Resource Center.
Peer Tutoring A survey centering on student experiences with peer tutoring provided in the Academic Skills Center.
Student Services Survey A survey conducted by the Office of Student Services.